Your Epic Starts Here!- workshop

Your Epic Starts Here! is a creative writing workshop designed to destroy the terror of the blank page for young writers aged 7-11, and runs for approximately 75 minutes for a KS2 class of young writers.

Each Epic workshop is designed to kickstart young writers' natural creative resources, using a combination of group discussion and participation, plus writing and non-writing creative prompts to make it easy for everyone to get involved (including grown-ups).

Epic course materials, ready to be even more Epic with your ideas!
Your Epic Starts Here! After a burst of creative output, the young writers are encouraged to share their ideas, creating unique and unexpected results for each writer in the workshop.  Your Epic Starts Here! concludes with the final creation of a workbook/bookshelf friendly A5 booklet, their 'Epic in waiting', ready to take home.

The amount of actual writing in each workshop is kept deliberately small, allowing young writers to focus on creating an Epic idea and story framework they have personal ownership of.  The final booklet then becomes a physical reminder of the Epic work they have already done, and an inspiration to begin writing their Epic down so they can share it with others. 
Each Epic workshop is unique, active, inspiring, and memorable - are you ready to take the first step of your Epic journey...?

For more information about Your Epic Starts Here!, read this Epic blogpost from February 2013, or email

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